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Garage Door Motor Repair Cost: A Guide

A garage door motor, or opener, allows you to leave and return home without needing to move the door yourself. Without a garage door motor, you’d have to get out of your car, unlock the garage door, prop it open, then close and lock it once again after parking your car in the garage. In a perfect world, your garage door motor would run flawlessly all the time, but even this device will need repairs once in a while. Understandably, the thought of a garage door motor repair cost might make you nervous. Let’s break down what to expect regarding a garage door motor repair cost for your peace of mind.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Motor

Consider troubleshooting your garage door motor if your garage door takes too long to open, doesn’t open all the way, or doesn’t even operate. The most reliable troubleshooting tricks for your garage door motor include turning it off and on again, changing the battery, cleaning the sensors, and lubricating the drive. If none of these tips work, it’s time to consider a garage door motor repair. As for garage door motor repair costs, that depends on a number of factors.

Garage Door Motor Repair Cost: A Guide

If you’re having problems with your garage door motor, you might be panicking about how much money you need to obtain for repairs. Instead of worrying, think about the cost of a garage door motor repair cost with regard to different contributing factors to the overall cost.

Type of Motor

The first factor to consider when thinking about garage door motor repair costs is the specific motor in question. There are four types of garage door motors: chain-drive, belt-drive, screw-drive, and direct-drive garage door motors. Both belt and chain-drive garage door motors can cost as little as $250 to repair or as much as $600 and $725, respectively. 

Screw-drive motor repair costs range from $350 to $600, while direct-drive repairs cost anywhere from $400 to $800. The extent to which you’ll pay for the repairs will ultimately depend on the type of damages being addressed. Don’t let the higher end of those price ranges scare you, though, as most garage door motor repairs cost an average of $125 to $350

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DIY or Professional Garage Door Motor Repair?

If your motor just needs touching up or repairs instead of a replacement, you might be inclined to take a DIY approach. In theory, that approach could be feasible for just cleaning the motor. Even DIY lubrication is doable if you have a chain-drive motor. However, experts strongly recommend hiring a professional for advanced repairs and replacements.

Without the right tools and knowledge of how to use them, you could end up making a mistake that’ll require you to call a professional to address the initial repairs and any additional damages you may have unwittingly caused. Your garage door motor and opener might also have a warranty, so you also want to be careful not to violate it. For the sake of long-term savings, a professional garage door motor repair is the wisest choice. 

You Can Repair Your Garage Door Motor With Garage Door Repair La Porte!

Hopefully, you feel more comfortable seeking a professional service now that you understand garage door motor repair costs better. Whether your garage door runs on a belt, chain, screw, or direct-drive motor, our Garage Door Repair La Porte technicians have the expertise to get your motor back to working order in no time. If your garage door motor is in less-than-ideal shape, contact us today for garage door motor repair and replacement and other garage door repair and replacement services. 

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