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Garage Door Cables Repair

When cables snap, the overhead door won’t move. It will get jammed and most likely be unsafe to stand close by. You can trust our service techs to replace or fix cables. We offer garage door cables repair in La Porte, Texas. Our team responds fast when there is any trouble with the cables. There are insured and well-trained techs at Garage Door Repair La Porte and they can ensure high quality work.

Ready to offer garage door cables repair

Garage Door Cables Repair La Porte

No matter what’s wrong with the garage door cables, trust us to fix them. They are tensed and thus may cause accidents. Our techs are not just insured but also qualified to engage in cable related services. We have been fixing, replacing, and installing garage door cables for years. You can trust our skills and service.

Although all cables are installed to hold the door’s weight and thus enable springs to lift the door, there are some differences between them. It has to do with the lift system and spring type. In either case, you can trust us to fix them up. Extension spring cables might come off the drum but also off the track. Torsion spring cables might come off the drum. There are several reasons for such problems. So our techs check the drums, pulleys, shaft, and other parts apart from the cables. We don’t only offer same day garage door cables repair service in La Porte but also guarantee superb quality work.

Contact us for broken garage door cables replacement

Call now if your cables broke. Are they both frayed? Did they both snap? Is only one broken? In any case, we provide quick garage door cables replacement. Our tech will carry the new cable with him and will take all precautions to ensure the service is performed safely. We remove the broken cable and install the new one with caution. Our techs always pay attention to the spring, make sure both cables are in their drums, and check the level of the door. We won’t leave before everything is fine and the door fully operational.

You can count on our garage door cables repair La Porte technicians to do each service right the first time. We provide affordable and quick service. Call us whenever you need our help.

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