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Garage Door Maintenance Costs vs. Repair Costs

When it comes to thinking about the cost of a garage door, most people don’t think beyond the purchase and installation process. That’s why it’s important to account for the expenses of caring for your garage door. There are two types of garage door care matters that deserve a close examination: maintenance and repairs. Keep reading to gain insight into garage door maintenance costs compared to repair costs.

Garage Door Maintenance Costs vs. Repair Costs

Garage door maintenance costs and repair costs are worth taking into consideration when budgeting for a garage door. To give you a good idea, here is a cost breakdown of maintaining vs. repairing your garage door.

Garage Door Maintenance Costs

Before calculating garage door maintenance costs, it’s important first to define what tasks fall under the category of maintenance. For the purposes of this blog, garage door maintenance routines will consist of the following tasks: cleaning and lubricating moving parts, tightening and adjusting hardware, inspections, battery and parts replacement, weatherstripping, balance checking, alignment adjusting, and others. Inspections and balance checks can be completed independently or by a professional. The cost of these procedures tends to be $100-$300 depending on damages and if any parts need replacing. 

Where cleaning and lubrication are concerned, the only unique item you need is a silicone-spray lubricant. Luckily, lubricant is incredibly affordable, and single cans cost less than $10. The price of weatherstripping can vary depending on the type and amount, but typical prices are between $128 and $424. Hardware and alignment adjustments are also inexpensive compared to most professional garage door services. It also doesn’t cost much to obtain new batteries for the opener. When routines are performed on a consistent basis, you can expect garage door maintenance costs not to be too expensive. 

Garage Door Repair Costs

Now that you know that garage door maintenance tends to be fairly affordable, what about repair costs? These costs depend on which and how many parts need repairs at any given time. The parts that tend to receive repairs include brackets, sensors, springs, tracks, and panels. Replacement parts can range from $5 to $200. The cost of fixes, on the other hand, depends on the part and account for labor. 

Brackets, for example, can cost $80-$160 to fix. Fixing sensors costs $150-$250, and spring repairs are $180-$550, given how dangerous they can be to work with. Replacing or repairing tracks usually costs up to $100. As you can see, even single repairs can easily cost more than maintenance. 

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When it comes to garage door maintenance costs vs. repair costs, maintenance ultimately ends up being the less costly service. However, if you keep up with maintenance routines on a consistent basis, you can potentially reduce the costs of future repairs. For example, you’ll be less likely to call a technician to repair your garage door springs if you clean, lubricate, and inspect them at least twice a year. By that same token, you’re tracks and rollers are less likely to become misaligned if you keep them clean and in good shape. These are just two examples of how maintenance can lead to reduced repair costs. 

Of course, whatever service your garage door requires, you may not feel equipped to do all of them yourself. You would likely appreciate having a professional garage door repair service to reach out to when you require assistance. Luckily, if you live in La Porte, you have access to the best garage door repair technicians near you. Contact us today, and we will provide whatever garage door service you need. 

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