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What Size Are Garage Doors?

Is your car a nice, snug fit in your garage? Are you and a loved one able to park both of your cars in the garage without issue, or does one of you have to park in the driveway? How you answer these questions will easily tell you about the size of your garage door. 

Whether you are making plans for your next home or just curious about your current garage door, you have probably at some point considered the question: what size are garage doors? Today we are going to take a look at the answer to the question: what size are garage doors?

How Are Garage Door Sizes Classified?

Before we dive into answering “what size are garage doors?”, let’s look at how garage door sizes are classified. For this blog, we will stick to explaining how standard residential garage door sizes are classified, which is straightforward. Where residential garage doors are concerned, size is based on the number of cars that can be reasonably parked inside the garage door’s corresponding garage.

Single Garage Door

The first garage door size to discuss is the single garage door. Also known as a one-car garage door, these garage doors can reasonably accommodate one car. Single garage doors are usually small and are often eight or nine feet in width and anywhere between seven and twelve feet in height, depending on the vehicle, and that’s if the garage is attached or detached. Because the objective is to fit one single specific vehicle, the measurements for a single garage door might vary.

Double Garage Door

Now we will tell you about the most commonly found garage door size in residential homes. The double or two-car garage door is designed so that two vehicles can be parked inside the garage with little to no incident. This garage door size is particularly common as it is considered ideal for households of more than one adult. 
Most double garage doors are built with a height of seven or eight feet and anywhere from sixteen to eighteen feet in width to accommodate two vehicles. However, they can sometimes be as wide as twenty feet.

Triple Garage Door

A triple garage door, as the name suggests, has a capacity of up to three vehicles. These garages are not very common in residential homes and when they are present, it is usually in high-end homes. For cost-effectiveness, most households with three cars will, at most, include a double and a single-car garage door for three cars. This size is often eight feet in height and thirty-six to forty feet in width. We hope this was a sufficient third answer to the question: “what size are garage doors?”

Which Size Is Best For My Home?

As stated above, a triple garage door is not recommended unless you live in a high-end home. The first factor to consider when choosing the best garage door size for your home is the architecture of your home. Depending on the style of your home, a single or double garage door might be more suitable. Another factor to consider is the size of your property and the use of space. Think about how much space you will have left on your property for a garage and if you need one or two vehicles to fit.

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We hope that we could answer your question of “what size are garage doors?” successfully. Aside from knowing about the sizes, you also know how to determine which garage door size will work best for your home. If your garage door needs repairs, or you’re looking to install a new garage door, contact us at Garage Door Repair La Porte today!

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