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Are Garage Heaters Safe?

Leaving your garage as a storage space is a waste. We understand that there are many factors at play that prevent your garage from being anything more than a storage space. Your garage door may be malfunctioning, the overflowing clutter may turn you off, or the cold weather may make it impossible to get any work done. However, these issues can be solved.

For all your repair needs, you can always call your friendly neighborhood repair team at Garage Door Repair La Porte. To ensure your garage is clean and spotless, you can always grease your elbows and transform that mess into a well-organized space. You can also stay warm despite the freezing weather with a garage heater.

There are many heating options for you to turn to if your garage always seems to be cold, one of them being a garage heater. We know what you’re thinking, “Are garage heaters safe?” This is a valid question, and this blog post will provide you with the answer you seek.

Are Garage Heaters Safe?
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Are Garage Heaters Safe?

A garage heater is a heating device that uses natural gas, propane, or electricity to heat a garage. To find the perfect fit for your garage, this device comes in many different styles. But are garage heaters safe? The answer is complicated. They can be dangerous if left unattended, but if you follow the safety tips listed below, everything should be fine.

Ventilate Your Garage

Some garage heaters use natural gas to provide heat, which produces toxic gases like carbon monoxide. In an enclosed space with no air circulation, this can be very dangerous. That is why you need to ventilate your garage. You can do this by installing air ducts, using exhaust fans, or adding windows to your garage door.

Keep Flammable Materials Away And Never Leave The Heater Unattended

Whenever you use a garage heater, you should always keep it away from flammable materials. These include clothing, paper, gasoline, propane tanks, or paint thinner. Be sure to keep any item at least three feet away from your garage heater.

Furthermore, never leave your garage heater unattended. This is a safety hazard, especially if you forget to move flammable materials away from the heater. Whenever you need to leave your garage, simply turn the heater off.

Install A Carbon Monoxide Detector

We mentioned how garage heaters can produce toxic gases like carbon monoxide. If you want to steer clear of this problem,  install a carbon monoxide detector in your garage. This will help detect carbon monoxide and sound an alarm if it does. If this ever occurs, turn off the heater and leave the garage immediately.

Inspect For Signs Of Damage

A garage heater that has been damaged must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. This is why you should regularly inspect your garage heater for any signs of damage. Once you’ve dealt with that, you should be able to use your garage heater once again.

Are Garage Heaters Safe?

Stay Safe With Garage Door Repair La Porte

So are garage heaters safe? As you can see, garage heaters can be extremely dangerous. They can release carbon monoxide and even start fires if left unattended. But none of that will be a concern of yours as long as you follow the safety tips above.

Another way to stay safe is by keeping your garage door well-maintained. There is no better team to help you with that than the one here at Garage Door Repair La Porte. We have skilled professionals ready to keep your garage door in the best shape possible so you can remain safe from collapses or break-ins. Give our team a call to get the assistance you need.

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