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7 Best Garage Door Color Ideas

When it comes to design, colors have the power to influence your mood and emotions. This principle holds true in graphic design, interior and exterior design, and marketing. That’s because we associate certain colors or tones with positive or negative experiences and attributes. Whenever we come home, we want to see a garage door with a color that positively affects our mindset and complements the rest of our exterior home design. That’s why we will explore seven of the best garage door color ideas today.

7 Best Garage Door Color Ideas

As far as choosing one of these garage door color ideas for a garage door, there are four considerations to keep in mind. First, experts advise against matching your front door and garage door so they can stand independently and not overwhelm each other. Second, the chosen garage door color should complement the rest of the house. Third, think of what colors will work with the chosen garage door material. Finally, most experts suggest picking a color that goes with the most dominant color of a house. Now let’s dive into today’s garage door color ideas.

1. White

White is a classic garage door color option. While white might seem like a traditional color choice, it’s actually one of the most versatile options. If you have white windows and outdoor trims or want something that “pops” in a sophisticated manner, this color is an ideal choice.

garage door color ideas white

2. Black

Current garage door design trends show that black and dark tones are having their moment in the sun. Black goes well with a home that’s mostly white or grey with some black finishes and is a popular choice for modern-style garage doors, but it can also fit any style across the board. From colonial to contemporary, it’s hard to go wrong with this garage door color.

garage door color ideas black

3. Brown

Brown is a versatile option as it comes in many different variations, including tan, beige, chocolate, bronze, walnut, and so many more. Those who are keen on having their home exude warmth or want something to match red trim can depend on brown tones to complete a home. It also goes well with homes that have a natural wood finish or red brick.

garage door color ideas brown

4. Grey

Like brown, grey is another one of today’s garage door color ideas that can include a variety of shades. Greys work well with predominantly white or beige homes, stone, and stucco.

garage door color ideas grey

5. Blue

Blue can come in many different shades, both light and dark. Some of the most popular shades of blue include but are not limited to navy, Catalina blue, and others. Dark blues tend to go well with traditional styles and predominantly white houses. Light blues are also good with white houses and grey or stone finishes.

garage door color ideas blue

6. Green

Some shades of green are great options among garage door color ideas. A softer green can complement a white house, while some bolder greens pair well with rustic-style homes. This is also a case where a corresponding garage door would be appropriate if your house is predominantly green.

garage door color ideas green

7. Red

The last of our garage door color ideas is considered one of the bolder options: red. Experts recommend pairing red with houses that have light brown or beige tones and playing it safe with dark reds like burgundy. If the garage door is the desired point of focus, one can’t go wrong with red.

garage door color ideas red

Upgrade Your Garage Door Color With Garage Door Repair La Porte!

We hope these seven garage door color ideas have inspired your next garage door makeover or any design plans for your next home. If you live in the La Porte area, you can trust our Garage Door Repair La Porte team to upgrade your garage door with the color of your choice. Contact us today and start making over your garage door.

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