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5 Best Garage Storage Ideas On A Budget

If you happen to have a garage in your home that you don’t use for your vehicle, it’s worth taking advantage of the additional storage space. However, when you think of garage storage, fancy overhead bike racks or elaborate shelving might be the first things that come to mind. Your mind might even conjure up the image of a luxury garage with a car lift. Luckily, there are garage storage ideas on a budget worth considering. Learn how you can save money by checking out the five best garage storage ideas on a budget.

1. Pegboard Storage

Do you want an easy way to store your tools so you aren’t clamoring through drawers to find the right ones? Pegboard is an excellent solution to this storage predicament. You can use metal pegboard, metal pegboard strips, or plastic pegboard, depending on what suits your tool storage system. 

There are many ways you can approach using pegboard for storage. First, you can install a pegboard on the wall of your garage to hang tools. The other option is to have the pegboard pieces act as a sliding storage system, where tools hang on individual boards that can slide in and out of a compact box. You can also get creative by installing shelves or cubbyholes on the pegboard. 

garage storage ideas on a budget pegboard

2. Tool Caddy

A tool caddy is another one of the many creative garage storage ideas on a budget. This idea is a great way to keep large gardening and/or cleaning tools in one place. All you need is some wood and fence lattice to help separate each large tool. 

You can even put it on wheels, easily moving it around without making multiple trips for different large tools. Keep in mind that a tool caddy is more of a DIY project, so make sure you’re ready and committed to seeing this process through. Of course, if you want a simpler approach to a tool caddy that still saves money, you can repurpose a golf caddy or flip over an old filing cabinet to store large tools as well.

3. DIY Cabinets And Shelves

Speaking of DIY garage storage ideas on a budget, making your own garage cabinets and shelves can be a great way to save money while creating more storage space for whatever items you keep in your garage. You’ll need to obtain the right tools and materials and determine whether this type of garage door idea works best with your garage’s current layout and structure.

garage storage ideas on a budget diy cabinets and shelves

4. Sports Equipment Storage

If you have a bunch of sports and recreational equipment that can’t seem to stay in one place, there are quite a few garage storage ideas on a budget that’ll keep them secure. One approach uses bungee cords hanging from the ceiling and then attached to a small or medium bottom wood slat. Sports balls and other equipment can easily go into this compartment that works best in an unused corner. Another way to store sports equipment in your garage involves making a DIY corral that utilizes bungee cords to keep equipment secure in a wood container. Finally, you can simply attach mesh bins or bags to your garage wall and keep said equipment in them.

5. Recycling Bin Rack

The last (but definitely not least) of today’s garage storage ideas on a budget involves recycling bins. Recycling bins take up a lot of space in the garage. You need to use more and more of them as recycling accumulates before the city picks them up once a week.  However, you can build a recycling bin rack to save garage floor space. You can find frames and then construct each space based on the size of the bins you use. You can also install individual wood shelves to store the bins that way.

Our Technicians Can Solve Your Garage Problems!

Hopefully, these five garage storage ideas on a budget will motivate you to keep your garage nice and organized. An organized garage will allow your day to run smoothly and prevent any garage door problems. Understandably, some garage door problems can’t be fixed by reorganizing garage storage and organizational space. Luckily, that’s where our Garage Door Repair La Porte technicians come in to help, so contact us today to get your garage door back to work.

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